Ceramic Industry

NETZSCH Instruments, Inc.: Flash Diffusivity Instruments

March 6, 2002
The new LFA 447 Nanoflash(TM) from NETZSCH Instruments, Inc. provides fast, accurate thermal diffusivity, specific heat and thermal conductivity measurements for a wide range of materials. Designed to make flash diffusivity testing faster, easier and more affordable, the Nanoflash can automatically test multiple samples from room temperature to 200C. Designed to test materials with thermal conductivities of 0.1 to over 2000 W/mK, the Nanoflash is ideal for testing ceramics, metals, polymers, composites and other materials. The ability to test freestanding thin films, greases and adhesives in a thin bondline makes it the ideal instrument, for example, for determining the performance of thermal management materials. Using light energy to heat the sample, and measuring its temperature rise via its infrared emissions, the instrument adds no artificial interface resistance to the test. While other test methods lose their test data in the noise of the instrument/sample interface resistance, the Nanoflash can accurately measure very thin samples and bondlines.

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