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NETZSCH Names Manutrol New Grinding Representative for Canadian Market

March 26, 2004

The Grinding and Dispersion Division of NETZSCH Inc. has announced the appointment of Manutrol Inc. as its new representative. Manutrol will be a representative of NETZSCH's wet grinding and dispersing equipment and dry grinding and classification machines for the entire Canadian market. Since 1992, Manutrol has been a technology representative of spectrophotometers, color measurement and color formulation software, liquid dispensing systems, and batching equipment across Canada.

To contact Manutrol, call (877) 626-8876 or e-mail murray@manutrol.com. NETZSCH can be reached at (610) 363-8010, fax (610) 363-0971, e-mail grinding@netzschusa.com or online at http://www.netzschusa.com.