Ceramic Industry

New ASTM Task Group To Address Nuclear Energy

April 4, 2005
ASTM International Subcommittee C28.07 on Ceramic Matrix Composites has formed a task group to address the evaluation of fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composite structures for a future generation of nuclear energy systems. The new task group will address the development of standardized test methods for thermomechanical evaluation of SiC/SiC and C/C tubular structures that would be used for control rod guide tubes and control rod structural elements in the next generation nuclear plant (NGNP), which is envisioned to be a high-temperature reactor cooled with either helium or a molten fluoride salt. The new task group also serves as a forum for the ongoing research from the U.S. and France, who are participating in an International Energy Research Initiative focused on the development of these components as part of Generation IV (a group of 10 countries that have agreed on a framework for international cooperation in research for a future generation of nuclear energy systems).

For additional information, call (865) 574-1749 or e-mail laracurzioe@ornl.gov. ASTM's website is located at http://www.astm.org.