Ceramic Industry

New Company Offers Advanced Opportunities

September 29, 2000
SiNeramics, a new company located in Ferndale, Mich., has introduced a silicon nitride technology that could have a tremendous impact on the way some advanced ceramic components are made in the future. Developed for high-volume automotive applications, the new technology greatly reduces the cost of silicon nitride components while increasing their durability, wear resistance and thermal shock resistance. The material is processed in much the same way as high aluminum oxide but in much less time, providing the potential to increase production efficiency. Besides the automotive industry, other applications of this new technology include bearings for vehicles, machinery and recreational equipment; joints, stents and medical devices for the biomedical industry; substrates and insulators for the electrical industry; water-based and high-temperature components for fluid handling; castings and refractories for high-temperature applications; and numerous other end uses.

SiNeramics holds 73 patents for its new technology and is seeking to license the technology to other ceramic manufacturers. The company plans to hold a seminar in the next several months to discuss the silicon nitride technology and licensing opportunities. For more information, contact Michael Beale at (519) 735-1325; fax (519) 735-6316; or e-mail SiNeramics@ SiNeramics.com.