Ceramic Industry

New Engineering Ceramics Report Released

July 21, 2000
A new report, entitled Engineering Ceramics in Europe and the USA (A Market and Strategic Study to the Year 2005) has just been published by Enceram. The scope of the report includes armor, engine components, bearings, bioceramics, automotive and industrial catalyst supports, cutting tools, filters for molten metals, filters for hot gases, membranes, pump seals, other pump and valve parts, kiln furniture, components for the continuous casting of steel, tap/faucet plates and other wear parts.

The report analyzes the demand for the fifteen categories of engineering ceramic products and projects the future demand for them in 2001 and through to 2005. Other topics covered by the report include:

  • The markets for engineering ceramics (covering structural, environmental and process applications) was valued at 1,096 million pounds ($1,286 million) in Europe and $1,034 million in the USA in 1998;

  • Consumption is expected to reach 1,381 million pounds ($1,621 million) in Europe and $1,648 million in the USA by the year 2005 corresponding to growth rates of 3.4% and 6.9% respectively;

  • The highest growth rates are expected for utility catalyst supports in the U.S., bioceramics in Europe and ceramic bearings, cutting tools and diesel exhaust particulate filters in both geographic areas;

  • Seven multinational companies supply more than 65% of the total engineering ceramics demand in both regions. Overall, however, there are more than 150 significant suppliers of engineering ceramics and several dozen raw materials producers;

  • Overall Germany consumed about 37% of the European total in 1998, in spite of the economic slowdown in that country. The markets in France and the UK together were around 27% of the European total. The U.S. is a net importer of engineering ceramics while Europe, especially Germany, produces more than it consumes.

    Market shares of the major suppliers to the US and European markets are given for the different engineering ceramic products. The activities of more than 85 companies and their subsidiaries, including multinational, European and U.S. participants in the markets, are reviewed.

    The 240-page report, published in October 1999 and containing more than 70 tables, is now available at a price of US$1,800 or UK£1,100. For more information about the study, contact Enceram, Mount Pleasant, Menith Wood, UK-Worcester, WR6 6UB; (44) 1584 881216, e-mail jbriggsENC@mcmail.com.