Ceramic Industry

New Laboratory Furnace Available From Zircar Zirconia

December 15, 2003

Zircar Zirconia, Inc.'s 1700C laboratory furnace, the HOT SPOT 110, can simply be plugged into a standard 110V 20A outlet. This breakthrough front-loading box furnace is made possible by a unique combination of zirconia and alumina insulation. The zirconia insulation incorporated in the HOT SPOT 110 has the lowest thermal conductivity of any commercially available high-temperature insulation. The alumina insulation is a newly developed, state-of-the art material with exceptional hot strength. The furnace insulation package is industry standard multi-layer construction. However, the door is constructed with a unique interlocking design that isolates the hot face from the cold face without the use of reinforcements, which often act as heat sinks and draw power out of the furnace to the shell.

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