Ceramic Industry


July 1, 2006
Binks' Spray Booth Air Filter

Spray Booth Air Filters


Appropriate for all general industrial applications, a new line of high-efficiency spray booth air filters (AF HE) provides "two-in-one" performance, with a backing behind two layers to absorb 99.81% of all errant spray emitted. This compares with the standard filter efficiency of only 98.1%, and offers significant cost savings and a cleaner environment.

"The difference between 98.1 and 99.81% efficiency rating translates into major cost savings related to filter changes and associated labor," said Mark Foster, Sales & Marketing manager, ITW Industrial Finishing. "Initial testing has shown that the Binks new AF HE Filters can potentially save finishers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year due to a dramatically reduced number of spray booth filter changes. In one instance, filter changes actually dropped from 120 per week to less than four. Expected annual savings in this case will exceed $200,000."

Features include three to five times more overspray holding capacity than most filters; panel sizes of 20 x 20 in. and

20 x 25 in., and blanket sizes of 3 x 30 ft; ease of installation and change-outs; compatibility with a wide range of coatings; user- and environmentally-friendly operation; and significant cost savings potential through dramatically reduced filter changes. Call (800) 992-4657 or visit http://www.binks.com .

Color Mixing Systems


This company has introduced 12-Color Mixing Systems for all 10 series of Ruco printing inks. The systems are designed to facilitate the mixing of custom colors in house, which will enable companies to meet their immediate custom color requirements, as well as allow for the mixing of small batches to meet short run or sample requests at an economical cost. Each system is delivered with a Formula Book that lists most standard colors. All of the company's color formulas are based on actual color matches, rather than theoretical computer generated formulas. Also provided with the system are tools for calculating batch sizes, information concerning the evaluation of color and detailed instructions concerning mixing to ensure consistent results. Visit http://www.rucousa.com .

Transfer System

International Decal Corp.

The new Dry Mount Rub-On Transfer System enables users to decorate a wide variety of products without the need for a second firing. Easy to use, durable, waterproof and washable, Dry Mount Transfers can be used to decorate ceramic, glass, stone, acrylic, plastics, stainless steel, wood and more. The transfer system provides the flexibility to custom imprint any gift or promotional item in small quantities as needed. International Decal can reproduce customers' artwork using spot colors or four-color process through the use of ink jet, offset or silk screen printing. The company can also give designs dimension by adding special embossing techniques, as well as printing gold and silver metallic glitters. Transfers are printed on sheets or rolls that can be applied automatically by machine. Call (847) 498-5280, fax (847) 498-6356, e-mail idcjr@timrg.com or visit http://www.timrg.com/indecal .