Ceramic Industry


July 1, 2006
CM Furnaces' 1500 Series Furnace

High-Temperature Furnace

CM Furnaces

The 1500 series furnace has been developed for the high-temperature firing of ceramics in a hydrogen or hydrogen/ nitrogen atmosphere. This front-loading furnace, which features a temperature capability up to 1700°C, is designed for rapid heating and cooling and is fully programmable. The atmosphere control system is capable of both wet and dry atmosphere, which makes the furnace suitable for metallizing, co-firing and other ceramic processes. The completely self-contained system includes the furnace, power supply, hydrogen safety system and water cooling system. Along with a microprocessor-based programmable controller, the system is PLC controlled with a touch screen. Call (973) 338-6500 or e-mail info@cmfurnaces.com .

Heating Modules

I Squared R. Element Co., Inc.

Moly-D heating modules consist of custom-made elements mounted to vacuum-formed ceramic fiber shapes. Available in full cylinder or multi-shank half shells, the elements are capable of operating up to 1600øC in an air atmosphere. They provide high power for applications where compactness, rapid heating and accurate temperature are required. Free engineering assistance is offered in the application, element selection and electrical specifications of the power supply. Call (716) 542-5511, fax (716) 542-2100, e-mail sales@isquaredelement.com or visit http://www.isquaredelement.com .

Heating Elements

Kanthal Heating Systems

Designed for use in multi-atmosphere furnaces, Kanthal's new SUPER® ER combines the high-temperature benefits of MoSi2 with the stability of a protective layer of Al2O3. This combination (Mo(SiAl)2) allows for alternating among oxidizing, inert, endogas and reducing atmospheres. SUPER ER is especially suited to sintering processes in dry hydrogen and nitrogen/ hydrogen and to continuous furnaces sintering ferrites and other electroceramics with hydrogen atmospheres.

New GLOBAR® SDA can extend element life in aluminum reverberatory furnaces by an additional 25 to 100% by resisting chemical attack in three ways. First, the hot zone material uses advanced recrystallization to lower the surface area for oxidation. Second, a complex silica "A" glaze reduces oxidation and combines with alkali materials to increase the oxide's melting point. Finally, the element is highly resistant to water vapor and alkali attack.

Kanthal APMT is a new material grade for radiant and protective tubes in furnace applications. This iron-chromium-aluminum(FeCrAl) material offers improved hot strength at temperatures up to 2280°F (1250°C) and delivers the greater stability needed to resist sagging and deformation. In addition, Kanthal APMT offers superior high-temperature corrosion resistance. Call (877) 456-2279 or (716) 691-4010, fax (716) 691-7850, e-mail amy.petito@kanthal.com , or visit http://www.kanthal.com .

Front-Loading Kiln

L&L Kilns

The new Renaissance front-loading kiln features the company's proprietary hard ceramic element holders for safety, firebrick lining durability and element protection, along with heavy-duty elements (including elements on the door for even heating). Elements are separated into three even heating zones for dynamic temperature regulation under different loading conditions. The door features a plug seal as well as a fiberglass gasket. The kiln is insulated with 21/2 in. of brick backed up with 2 in. of mineral wool, and the bottom is a solid 5 in. of brick. The case is cool enough to touch. Other safety features include a door power shut-off switch and a clasp to allow the kiln door to be padlocked. Call (610) 485-1789, fax (610) 485-4665, e-mail sales@hotkilns.com or visit http://www.hotkilns.com .

Top-Loading Furnaces

Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc.

This company recently shipped new model TC300 top loading furnaces to the Georgia Institute of Technology and to Genius Powder Inc. The cost-effective furnace design is capable of demanding applications at a continuous 2200°C operating temperature, and it can operate in vacuum or inert gas atmospheres. Other features include a 6-in. diameter by 6-in.-high usable heat zone of all graphite construction, optical pyrometer temperature control and water cooling for fast cycles. The furnaces will be used for research studies of ceramic compounds sintering tungsten carbide.

Call (603) 736-8422 or e-mail sales@oxy-gon.com .