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July 1, 2006
Particle Sizing Systems' Alpaga 500 Nano

ASAP Software

Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

Version 3.00 of the ASAP 2020 surface area and porosity analyzer software provides options specifically designed to help fuel cell and hydrogen storage researchers easily obtain hydrogen adsorption isotherms. Enhancements allow users to collect isotherms by specifying absolute pressure targets, which are commonly used for hydrogen adsorption studies.

The ASAP 2020 report system has also been expanded to provide pressure composition isotherms, and tabular reports have been updated to include weight percent adsorbed. All of these upgrades are included to simplify the collection of hydrogen adsorption isotherms and also provide final reports that quickly provide more information to researchers. Other upgrades to the report system provide substantial benefits for researchers synthesizing mesoporous materials. Visit http://www.micromeritics.com .

Image Analyzer

Particle Sizing Systems

The Alpaga 500 Nano is an image analyzer that is used to provide high-quality images with a true resolution of less than 500 nanometers, which is substantially better than other available image analyzers. The unit is equipped with the VDD 270Pat., a vacuum disperser device that allows samples to be dispersed onto glass slides quickly and easily in quantities of as little as 0.1 mg. The Alpaga 500 then uses an advanced image analysis program called CALLISTAT to further calculate particle size distributions based on up to 16 different measurement parameters. The most commonly employed parameters are sieve size, width, height, equivalent diameter, roundness, roughness, elongation, convexity, reactivity, crystallinity, hole detection, volume, area, perimeter, shape factor and specific surface. The particle size range is from 0.5-2500 microns, and statistically valid sample measurements can be obtained in less than two minutes.

Additional features include a user defined particle count threshold, real time data archiving of high-resolution particle scans, 1392 x 1040 square pixel high-resolution camera with sensitivity of 0.3 lux, monochromatic ultraviolet backlighting, a collimated light and telecentric lens, a high-pixel gray-scale gradient, a high-speed shutter up to 1/200,000 of a second, and a fixed camera and light source. Visit http://www.pssnicomp.com .

Pore Analyzers

Quantachrome Instruments

New styling reportedly gives the redesigned PoreMaster series of benchtop pore size analyzers modern lab appeal and provides improved ergo-nomics and serviceability-plus new on-board sample cell storage. PoreMasters automatically and rapidly measure the pore size and pore volume distribution of a wide range of porous solids. Pore sizes can be measured from smaller than 4 nm to larger than 800 microns. Call (800) 989-2476 or visit http://www.quantachrome.com .