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NEW PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Materials/Finished Products

July 1, 2006
Alfa Aesar's Catalog on CD

Catalog on CD

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company

This company recently announced the publication of the CD version of the 2006/07 All-in-One Catalog of Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials. The new CD contains the full range of products from the print catalog, including the newly integrated Lancaster Synthesis products. Including a version of MolsearchTM software for structure and substructure searching, the CD allows users to draw the molecule of their interest and find all matching products. Other searches can be conducted using a variety of fields from the full product database.

The CD also offers comprehensive reference data, including standardized reference fields such as CAS, MDL, and Merck numbers, as well as application and technical notes, environmental health and safety information, and pricing. Links to the online material safety data sheet (MSDS) pages are provided for each product. Call (800) 343-0660 or e-mail info@alfa.com .

Ceramic Vacuum Chucks


This company's latest capability for the advanced semiconductor manufacturing market is ultra-flat, high-purity ceramic vacuum chucks, which offer significant performance advantages over traditional wafer chucks. Specifically, these ceramic vacuum chucks are three to five times stiffer than glass or metal alternatives, which, coupled with advanced technical ceramic manufacturing, drives chuck flatness to new standards.

Available in several of the company's signature materials, such as UltraSiCTM silicon carbide, PureSiCĀ® CVD silicon carbide, PlasmaPureTM alumina and StatSafeTM ESD alumina, these chucks feature all the commonly known benefits of high-purity ceramic, including exceptional corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. E-mail anield@coorstek.com or visit http://www.coorstek.com/products/ceramic_chucks.asp .

Diamond Abrasives

Gator Diamond, Inc.

Diamond fixed abrasives in a vitreous matrix offer superior removal rates and surfaces on most alloys (including ferrous metals), as well as sapphire and very hard ceramics. The new capability, which is applicable to flat plate lapping pressures at 8 psi or less with fixed abrasives, is made possible through special formulations of vitreous compounds that perform well where resin matrix fixed abrasives fail. Under similar conditions, the company's fine-grinding materials can be expected to run 3-10 times better than the removal rate of loose abrasives, with lower surface Ra and subsurface damage. An added benefit is the reduced expense in removing swarf. Visit http://www.GatorDiamond.com .

Nanosized Ceramic Powders

Pred Materials International, Inc.

This company has introduced a line of high-quality nanosized ceramic powders from ZhongShun Science & Technology. Available materials include aluminas and ceria, as well as partially- and fully-stabilized zirconias. The company also recently introduced nano tungsten and copper powders, and it continues to represent Neomat's line of ceramic nanopowders. Call (212) 286-0068, fax (212) 286-0072, e-mail Steve@predmaterials.com or visit http://www.predmaterials.com .