Ceramic Industry


July 1, 2006
Thermal Ceramics' Kao-Tab High-Alumina Castable Line

Nanoparticulate Refractories

Magneco/Metrel, Inc.

This company has developed an innovative system for glass furnace construction featuring three of its advanced Metpump cement-free nanoparticulate refractory products: Metpump C190 G, Metpump AZS and Met-Silcast. "These complementary Metpump products have performed extremely well in the repair of glass furnaces, and are now being used in the construction of new furnaces," said Charles W. Connors, Sr., president. "The refractories have reduced both cost and installation time, while providing superior performance compared to brick, thereby increasing service life and improving equipment availability."

The Metpump family of nanotechnology products consists of pumpable and shotcrete formulations of colloidal silica, as well as sol-gel bonded monolithic refractory materials developed to match the demands of different regions of a furnace. Compared to low or ultra-low cement bonded castables, Metpump products reportedly exhibit superior hot strength, thermal shock and creep resistance properties, excellent erosion and abrasion resistance, high resistance to chemical attack, and increased mechanical strength. The superior performance and advantages of the Metpump products have been demonstrated in both glass and metallurgical manufacturing worldwide, including direct reduction processes, kilns, iron and steel, aluminum, copper, non-ferrous and ferrous foundries, and chemicals. Call (630) 543-6660 or visit http://www.magneco-metrel.com .

High-Alumina Castable

Thermal Ceramics

The Kao-Tab® castable line, based on chemically and thermally stable tabular alumina aggregate, has very low levels of alkali and titania impurities, as well as very small amounts of silica, which makes the product very resistant to reducing atmospheres and produces high hot strengths. The company offers four castables in the high-alumina castable family: Kao-Tab 95 and Kao-Tab 95 Gun 95% alumina castables designed for casting and gunning, respectively; Kao-Tab SR, an 88% alumina castable designed for placement by gunning or hand ramming; and Kao-Tab HDHS-98, a very high-purity, 98% alumina castable with high hot strengths, used for hydrogen atmospheres in the chemical processing industry or high-temperature applications in the iron and steel, cement, and copper industries. Call (706) 796-4313, fax (706) 560-5841, e-mail wevans@thermalceramics.com or visit http://www.thermalceramics.com .

Microporous Insulation Panel

Unifrax Corp.

The Excelfrax® product line, based on advanced microporous insulation technology, is a family of products that reportedly exhibits superior insulating characteristics. The Excelfrax 1900 panel, the newest addition to this family of products, will be introduced in the summer of 2006. The Excelfrax 1900 panel is an inorganic, rigid panel with a high-temperature (1900°F) microporous core material offering higher density and improved strength. The molded panel features square corners and smaller flaps, providing a tight tolerance installation and a mechanically stronger panel. Applications for the panel include backup insulation in tundishes, high-temperature furnaces/kilns and commercial appliances. The Excelfrax product line offers extremely low thermal conductivity, and it saves space, weight and energy. Visit http://www.unifrax.com .