Ceramic Industry

New Report From Dedalus Highlights Potential For Nanoceramics

August 6, 2004
A new report from Dedalus Consulting, titled "Nanostructured Materials: Developing Markets, Applications & Commercial Opportunities: 2004-2009 Analysis and Forecasts," examines the growing opportunities for nanomaterials. Ceramics, because of their broad physical and electronic capabilities, continue to be one of the key materials for extensive nanoscale development. Thus, the commercial potential of nanostructured ceramics, or nanoceramics, in pure form and as a composite or coating material is becoming increasingly well documented, and hundreds of companies are developing products ranging from thin-film coatings and cutting tools to engine components and wear parts. According to the report, the market for nanoceramics is expected to reach nearly $100 million worldwide in 2004 -- up 12.4% from 2003 -- and commercial demand will continue to grow steadily at double-digit levels over the next five years.

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