Ceramic Industry

NexTech Materials: Inks, Spray Coatings, and Composite Cathodes

June 5, 2003
NexTech Materials, Ltd. has released for sale new materials and material forms for use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), oxygen generators, and other ceramic oxygen and electric conducting systems. The new forms include inks for screen-printing of ceramic cathode and anode materials, and a YSZ electrolyte in an aqueous suspension formulated for ultrasonic spray coating. Composite cathodes head the new materials available. According to William Dawson, president and CEO, “These new products are unique to the SOFC arena and should greatly speed up development of the next generation of low-cost SOFC devices.” The cathode and anode inks are formulated with viscosities and surface areas ideal for screen-printing electrodes onto the electrolyte layer of ceramic devices.

For additional information, call (614) 842-6606 or visit http://www.nextechmaterials.com .