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NMOA Releases Report on Mechandising

November 27, 2003

According to the "Catalog Age Benchmark Report on Merchandising," a new report from the National Mail Order Association (NMOA), mail order marketing companies continue to search for products made in America. The U.S. remains the favorite sourcing location for those catalogs surveyed, with 89% rating the U.S. highly as a sourcing locale. On average, U.S.-made goods represent over 70% of dollar sales volume for these surveyed catalogs. The U.S. also remains the most popular place to manufacture or contract for the manufacture of products -- among the 78% of catalog respondents that manufacture or contract for manufacture, nearly all do so in the U.S. The Far East has lost ground with catalogers, with only 19% of respondents manufacturing there, down from 24% in 1999.

For more information, including details on the organization's Made in America contest, visit

http://www.nmoa.org .