Ceramic Industry

North American Offers Ceramic Seminar

January 3, 2001
North American Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will hold its annual Combustion and Process Control Seminar at the Doubletree Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., from February 28 through March 2, 2001. The course is designed for those in the ceramic industry who are involved with kilns and dryers or are responsible for the overall operation of the processes. It is applicable for operators, engineers, operations personnel, or others involved with heat processing of ceramics. Topics to be presented include basics of combustion; safety; burners - -selection, placement, installation; control systems -- types, advantages, selection criteria; operation and control of continuous and intermittent kilns; accessory equipment-blowers, valves, metering, etc.; and heat losses and kiln design. There will also be a "hands on" session for burner tuning and flame supervision.

For additional information, call (615) 371-8496 or fax (615) 371-8498.