Ceramic Industry

Norton Co.: Vitrified Grinding Wheels

June 28, 2001
Norton Co. has introduced a new low-pressure abrasive grain for internal diameter grinding. The new BRGi wheels with XG abrasive feature an advanced friable seeded-gel ceramic grain developed specifically to micro fracture in low-pressure applications. The new XG micro fracturing abrasive grain in Norton BRGi wheels stays sharp longer, grinds with less power draw, generates less heat and reduces overall wheel wear. In tests run in bearing manufacturing plants, the new wheels produced over two times more parts per wheel with tighter tolerances and greater overall integrity with less downtime for wheel truing and dressing. The wheels are available in diameters of .204-4.500 in., thickness of .063-4.000 in. and grit sizes of 46-150 (46 grit only available over .312 diameters).

For more information, call (508) 795-5709 or e-mail Barry.D.Cole@saint-gobain.com.