Ceramic Industry

NSG Group Plans Automotive Glazing Expansion

December 14, 2010

The NSG Group has announced plans to expand and upgrade its automotive glazing operations in Mexicali, Mexico. The investment involves the construction of a new plant adjacent to the existing plant, which will produce laminated parts (windshields), combining new advanced manufacturing technologies with the company’s solar absorbing automotive glasses. The expansion, scheduled to be completed in early 2012, will increase the NSG Group’s Automotive capacity in Mexico by around 30%, allowing the production of some 2.5 million car windshields a year. Approximately 160 jobs will be created locally.

“Mexico is an important market for us,” said Craig Naylor, president and CEO. “The overall vehicle market in Mexico is increasing and Mexicali is strategically positioned to export to North, Central, and South America. This investment will allow us to meet an increasing demand for our value-added product range. It will also position us to enhance our new model introduction capabilities in line with our technology and quality commitments.”

For additional details, visit www.nsggroup.net.