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NSL Adds New FTIR to Testing Lab (posted 7/12/07)

July 12, 2007

NSL Analytical Services recently acquired a Perkin Elmer Spectrum™ Spotlight™ 300 FTIR imaging system for its materials testing laboratory. The instrument will be used primarily to characterize polymeric materials in NSL’s organic testing lab. The Spotlight™ 300 allows NSL Analytical to analyze large sample areas in a matter of minutes, as compared to the hours needed with current instruments.

“The Spotlight 300 is a highly sensitive instrument that detects the smallest samples,” said Brain Bacher, organic test section leader. “This capability will allow us to provide unmatched testing accuracy for our customers.”

The Spotlight 300 maximizes productivity with a novel scanning technology that eliminates the need for time-consuming step-scan data collection. This technology, combined with fast detector readout, simplifies test setup and reduces data collection time.

“NSL is dedicated to quick turnaround to meet tight deadlines,” said Larry Somrack, president. “The addition of the Spotlight 300 is just another example of our commitment to provide accurate and reliable testing to our customers.”

The company’s website is located at www.nslanalytical.com.