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NSL Analytical Announces Ophthalmic Lens Tests

December 15, 2010

NSL Analytical Services Inc. has announced two new ophthalmic lens tests that are compliant with ANSI Z80.1 requirements. The new ANSI Z80.1 2010 standard describes two new lens tests. ISO 8980 Part 4 specifies optical and non-optical requirements, including durability and test methods for anti-reflective (AR) coatings on spectacle lenses. ISO 8980 Part 5 specifies the requirement and test method for spectacle lens surfaces that are claimed to provide a basic level of abrasion resistance, including those with coatings.

“Our optical test laboratory is equipped with the mechanized abrasion tools recommended in the specification, allowing NSL to provide accurate, reliable and repeatable reporting to the optical industry,” said Larry Somrack, president. “As an ISO 17025 ACLASS-accredited materials testing laboratory, we embrace the opportunity to provide standards-based testing to the optical industry.”

“The new requirements under Z80.1, including lens abrasion resistance and AR durability, are the first such requirements in the U.S. ophthalmic market and establish a minimum level of performance that can protect both the patient and the ECP by barring poor performing products,” said Jeff Endres, technical director for The Vision Council. “Every entity in the eyeglass and sunglass manufacturing arena can benefit from new sources for third-party testing, and we are glad NSL is offering this service for the member companies.”

For additional details, visit www.nslanalytical.com.