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Oglebay Norton Completes Reincorporation in Ohio

May 8, 2001
Oglebay Norton Co. has reincorporated in Ohio after receiving shareholder approval at its April 25, 2001, annual shareholder's meeting. As set forth in the proxy statement dated March 8, 2001, and distributed to shareholders, in completing the reincorporation, the company has declassified its board of directors, eliminated its poison pill, opted out of certain Ohio anti-takeover provisions and increased the number of shares authorized. The reincorporation was completed by a merger of the Delaware company into the surviving Ohio entity. Because of the way in which the transaction was structured, no action on the part of shareholders, bondholders, customers, vendors or others is required. Share certificates will not be exchanged and the company's name, Oglebay Norton Company, and ticker symbol on the NASDAQ (OGLE) will not change.

The company's website is located at http://www.oglebaynorton.com.