Ceramic Industry

Oneida Stockholders Elect Directors

June 6, 2005
Oneida Ltd. recently announced that stockholders at its 124th Annual Meeting held on May 25, 2005, elected six current members of the company's board to continue to serve as follows: Hugh R. Rovit and Terry G. Westbrook for one-year terms expiring in May 2006; Fred Spivak for a two-year term expiring in May 2007; and William C. Langley, Christopher H. Smith and Nick White for three-year terms expiring in May 2008. Two members of the board, Peter J. Marshall and Gregory M. Harden, will continue to serve three-year terms expiring in May 2006 and May 2007, respectively. The board of directors, at its Organizational Meeting held following the shareholders meeting, reelected Terry G. Westbrook to the position of president and chief executive officer. Additionally, Christopher H. Smith was elected chairman of the board of directors.

For additional information, including details on the authorization of additional common and preferred shares, visit http://www.oneida.com.