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ONLINE EXTRA: Are You Doing All You Can to Keep Your Job? Part 2

May 27, 2009
This multi-part series offers quick tips to help you succeed at work and get ahead.

You can do many things to succeed in your career. Here are some tips to improve your chances of achieving workplace success, in spite of any economic ups and downs.

2. Take on more work.
In addition to performing the tasks required of you, research trends and happenings in your industry to share with your colleagues. When passing along information, consider how it affects your company. Be an expert in your field.

By taking this extra step, you will show your boss that you are passionate about your industry and are invested in producing superior quality work. Take on new challenges. One of the best ways to find your “hidden talents” is to try new things.

3. Be proactive.
Try to always be a step ahead at work. Anticipate what will be asked of you, and offer your services. Be perceived as a “can-do” person. Make sure you are always informed of what is going on in your company and any opportunities that may arise.

Next week, Part 3 in this series will help you promote yourself.