Ceramic Industry

Opera Plant to Install New Sacmi Production Lines (posted 12/5/08)

December 5, 2008

Opera will install new production lines at its IFK plant in Camposanto (Modena), Italy, in order to enter the market as a ceramic tile manufacturer. Supplied by Sacmi, the new lines consist of four presses (two PH 3590s and two PH 2890s), which directly feed two ES5 horizontal five-layer dryers. The order also includes four glazing lines that feed two FMS 2850 130 m kilns, preceded by a dryer. Featuring cutting-edge process optimization devices, the two kilns installed by Opera provide (according to tests) the lowest energy consumption levels ever seen on Sacmi kilns designed to fire porcelain tile.

Completing the plant are LGV storage lines supplied by Sima, a company that specializes in the design of machines and systems for product handling/storage, along with the production of automatic laser-guided vehicles and computerized supervision systems. The automatic Sima shuttles installed at the new Camposanto plant serve four sorting lines and the ultra-fast QiK palletizers supplied by Sacmi Automation.

Optimized for management of 333 x 333 mm tile, this new plant has an output capacity of 25,000 square meters.

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