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ORNL Wins Nanotech Awards (7/25/06)

July 26, 2006
Two Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) inventions -- NanoFermenation and a high-temperature superconducting wire technology -- have won nanotechnology awards in separate contests. R&D Magazine's inaugural MICRO/NANO 25 award recognized NanoFermentation, a new approach for producing extremely fine, uniform and highly crystalline powders useful for magnetic media, ferrofluids, xerographic toner, catalysts, pigments, water treatment and coatings.

ORNL's high-temperature superconducting wire technology, referred to as "HTS Wires Enabled via 3D Self-Assembly of Insulating Nanodots," received a Nano 50 Award from Nanotech Briefs, a digital magazine for design engineers. The technology offers a method of sustaining high supercurrents in the presence of a large applied magnetic field.

For additional details, visit www.ornl.gov.