Ceramic Industry

Orton Ceramic Foundation: Consulting Services

October 3, 2006
As a logical extension of the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation's testing services, Orton now offers consulting services for body and glaze formulation; processing; forming and firing of ceramic products; as well as product and technology characterizations, trouble shooting and problem solving. Orton's testing laboratory features analytical instruments such as TGA, DTA, simultaneous DTA-TGA, dilatometers, gradient furnaces, hydraulic and electromechanical test machines, and a range of both electric and gas fired kilns to replicate most firing profiles. "Since Orton has internal processing, firing and testing capabilities, combined with seven ceramic engineers on staff with over 200 years of combined experience, it is likely that Orton can provide the ceramic expertise lacking in many of today's ‘lean' organizations," said Gary Childress, general manager.

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