Ceramic Industry

Orton Ceramic Foundation: Dilatometer Conversion Package

July 7, 2003
The Orton Ceramic Foundation has introduced a package that converts Orton and Harrop analog dilatometers to fully digital, Windows(TM)-compatible systems. A Windows upgrade is also available for both manufacturers' digital dilatometers operating on a DOS platform. The analog conversion kit will replace and upgrade electronic components to meet requirements appropriate for a digital system. Data output is directed to the computer for a variety of output choices via the Windows-based software, instead of to an X/Y plotter. Customers should send their old analog unit to Orton's facility for digital conversion to insure proper functioning. Orton technicians will inspect all components and replace, upgrade or repair those necessary to provide maximum performance. Pricing for the conversion depends on the age and condition of the unit.

For additional information, call (614) 895-2663, ext. 31, e-mail Slevin@ortonceramic.com or visit http://www.ortonceramic.com .