Ceramic Industry

Orton Ceramic Foundation: KilnVent Refurbishing Kit

March 19, 2002
The Orton Ceramic Foundation has introduced a KilnVent(TM) refurbishing kit to its product line. The economical and easy-to-install kit restores original performance to the KilnVent. The performance of a KilnVent depends on how often the kiln is fired, what types of materials are fired and how well the vent is maintained. Deposits and residues coming from the kiln may compromise performance of the blower motor unit. The amount of air moving through the kiln is decreased, causing the vent to operate less effectively. The new refurbishing kit includes a 110 or 208-240V blower motor, a motor gasket, screws, clamp, duct and silicone to adhere the motor gasket. Also included in the kit is a redesigned adapter that attaches the duct more easily to the blower motor.

For more information, call (614) 895-2663, ext. 36.