Ceramic Industry

Orton Ceramic Foundation: Redesigned AutoFire Controller

March 12, 2002
The Orton Ceramic Foundation has redesigned the AutoFire(R) controller as a 12-button model with added features and an easier-to-program keypad. The updated controller comes in the same three configurations as its predecessor, as a Plus, Pro or UniTemp(TM) model, with four new buttons added. Because of the additional buttons, users can now program threshold alarm, skip step, cone table and program review directly from the front panel without having to access the options menu. The display now includes three indicator lights that tell when the kiln elements have been energized. This is particularly important in the UniTemp model, because users can now see when a zone is receiving power. The UniTemp model has been upgraded with the addition of a third thermocouple, which will improve zone temperature control, even when a kiln has an unbalanced load.