Ceramic Industry

Orton: Glass Testing Services

June 21, 2002
The Orton Refractories Testing and Research Center is now offering glass properties and simultaneous DTA/TGA testing services. The new glass tests include annealing/strain point by fiber elongation (ASTM C-336), annealing/strain point by beam bending (ASTM C-598), softening point by fiber elongation (ASTM C-338) and softening point by penetrometer (Labino method). Simultaneous DTA/TGA testing can be performed over a temperature range from 25-1600C, in an air or special atmosphere environment. Orton Refractories Testing and Research Center continues to offer a full array of refractories testing services, including thermal conductivity, creep testing under load and thermal expansion (dilatometry).

For more information, call (614) 895-2663, ext. 23, or visit http://www.ortonceramic.com.