Ceramic Industry

Orton: Kiln Venting System

April 4, 2005
The Orton Ceramic Foundation introduced Vent Master, its new venting system for electric kilns, at the NCECA convention in Baltimore, Md., March 16-18, 2005. The new system, which was designed by Orton using its patented downdraft venting technology, can fit any kiln up to a total capacity of 20 cubic feet. The blower motor is no longer attached to the kiln or stand, thus removing the motor from a hostile environment and eliminating the potential for blower vibration to be transferred to the kiln. Installation is quick and simple, whether a new OEM installation or a retrofit to an existing kiln installation. Additionally, the Vent Master can vent two kilns simultaneously through the addition of an optional collection package, which offers the benefits of significant savings over the purchase of two separate vent systems and the elimination of troublesome dampers to adjust.

Orton's website is located at http://www.ortonceramic.com.