Ceramic Industry

Orton: Lower-cost Furnace, Update Dilatometer

October 24, 2001
The Orton Thermal Instrument Unit has developed a new model of fixed-profile gradient furnace, which is engineered for longer life and reduced operating and repair costs. The new furnace, called the GTF-MD, replaces the traditional platinum alloy heating element with four molybdenum disilicide elements, reducing the purchase cost by 35% and element replacement costs by 90%. The elements are also much easier to replace. Orton has also updated the design of its metallurgical dilatometer by adding its own controller to the instrument, insuring greater temperature control accuracy. The dilatometer is equipped to monitor the volume change of metal phase transformations for annealing or quenching studies. This is a versatile and rugged dilatometer for the metallurgist to study the effects of microstructure changes as a function of cooling rates. Additionally, Orton has developed a data acquisition system for this unit.

For more information about either of these two instruments, call (614) 895-2663 or e-mail fronk@ortonceramic.com.