Ceramic Industry

Orton: Tempchek Improvements

April 18, 2005
The Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation recently announced that it has made improvements to its TempCHEK(R) shrinkage product. TempCHEKs are an easy-to-use, cost effective way to monitor temperature uniformity of kilns and furnaces over a wide firing range. Maintaining consistent firings is important to maintaining consistent product quality and improving profitability. The TempCHEK shape was changed to improve the ability to measure the product via point-to-point contact. In addition to the new shape, the size of the product was reduced and packaging was improved to allow for improved shipping and product handling. Three color-coded compositions are now available for use between 850-1420C (1560-2590F). Each batch of TempCHEK is supplied with instructions and temperature equivalent tables relating fired dimension to temperature.

Orton's website is located at http://www.ortonceramic.com.