Ceramic Industry

Orton Updates Website

August 20, 2002
The Orton Ceramic Foundation's website at www.ortonceramic.com has been redesigned with a new format and pull-down menus designed to help visitors navigate more easily. A Spanish language version has also been added. The new site provides information in the Products For Firing section on firing ceramics, using cones, kiln venting systems and controllers. In the Center For Firing section, visitors will discover reference material such as cone temperature equivalent charts and information on diagnosing and solving firing problems. Part of the site is also devoted to Orton's industrial products and services, and an extensive listing of tests offered by the Orton Refractories Testing and Research Center can be found in the Materials Testing portion. The site also features a link to the Orton Store, where Orton's pyrometric products, KilnVents or AutoFire controllers are available for purchase. Visitors may also request quotes on thermal instruments and testing services.