Ceramic Industry

OSU Professor Receives Toledo Glass & Ceramic Award

April 4, 2011

The 2011 Toledo Glass & Ceramic Award will be given to Professor Prabhat K. Gupta of The Ohio State University (OSU) on April 21 at The Toledo Club by the Michigan/NW Ohio Section of The American Ceramic Society. Prabhat receives the award in recognition of his outstanding service and leadership in promoting glass as a remarkable material. Gupta is an eminent scholar in the field of glass science and is known internationally for his seminal work on glass. He has made significant contributions to ceramic technology and education through his work at the Owens Corning Technology Center and his current position at OSU.

This award is given in Toledo, which is known as the Glass City. The award began in 1956 and was given annually until 1986, when glass companies there downsized their staffs and the NW Ohio Section stopped meeting. The section later merged with the Michigan Section, and the annual award was again presented in 2005 and each year since.

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