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Owens Corning Issues Sustainability Report

July 8, 2011

Owens Corning recently released its fifth annual “Sustainability Report,” which outlines the company’s environmental footprint reduction performance relative to seven key aspects of resource consumption, waste and air emissions. In addition, the company announced a new set of 2020 goals designed to raise the bar on its commitment to sustainability.

“Our 2010 ‘Sustainability Report’ demonstrates Owens Corning’s continued focus on-and progress toward-improvements in greening our operations and products, and accelerating energy efficiency and renewables penetration in the built environment,” said Frank O’Brien-Bernini, vice president and chief Sustainability officer. “We have met three of our seven goals already and are confident that six of the seven goals will be achieved by 2012.”

O’Brien-Bernini said the seventh goal, involving footprint reductions in volatile organic compounds, has generated a 14% improvement since 2002 and has already begun to benefit from the company’s recent conversion to the manufacture of its EcoTouch™ insulation. The insulation is a new class of high-performance residential and commercial insulation made with a minimum of 99% minerals and plant-based compounds and is third-party certified to be a minimum 50% recycled content and formaldehyde-free.

Among the key accomplishments highlighted in the report is a 24% intensity reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to 2009 levels. The company removed 950,000 metric tons of CO2e from its operations in 2010, which is equivalent to eliminating the carbon dioxide-related impact of more than 170,000 passenger cars. The report highlights additional information on GHG emissions, as well as progress toward intensity reductions in energy usage, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, waste-to-landfill contributions and water usage.

For more information or to download the report, visit www.sustainability.owenscorning.com.