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Pan-European Carriers Cut Back on Fiber Deployment, Says KMI

December 11, 2001
Fiber deployment on long-distance routes by pan-European carriers will fall dramatically in 2002, a new study from KMI Research shows. According to "Fiberoptic Networks of Pan-European Carriers: Market Developments & Forecast," pan-European fiber deployments peaked at 57,000 route-km in 2001 and deployments in 2002 will be only a tenth of those in 2001. The new KMI report is a complete update of a 1999 KMI study that accurately forecast a major decline in pan-European fiber deployment in the 2001-2002 timeframe. The new report profiles 27 major fiber-based pan-European carriers, focusing on their own-built network, segments under lease (indefensible right to use or IRU), and network plans. It analyzes these carriers both separately and as a group by route size (route-km) added to the network each year, average fiber counts, and amount of fiber deployed (fiber-km). Individual route maps for each carrier are included in the report. The time period covered starts with the first pan-European installments in 1997 and continues through planned installments in 2002. At an aggregate level, the report forecasts annual fiber deployment by pan-European carriers through 2006.

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