Ceramic Industry

Paragon Acquires High-Tech Plasma Cutter for Kiln Production (12/5/06)

December 5, 2006

Paragon recently acquired a high-capacity plasma cutter to make sheet metal kiln and furnace parts. The computer-controlled cutter uses electrically charged, high-temperature gas to cut through steel. “For many years, we have used computerized punch presses in our sheet metal department,” said John S. Hohenshelt, president of Paragon.

“We ran into a capacity problem, so we invested $100,000 in the plasma cutter. The plasma cutter will change the appearance of Paragon kilns in small ways. It enables us to cut sheet metal in any shape we want, so it has expanded our design capacity. But the main reason we bought the cutter is to speed up the delivery time of Paragon kilns.”

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