Ceramic Industry

Paragon: Glass Crucible Kiln

October 12, 2004
The new Vulcan glass crucible kiln from Paragon heats glass to a molten state for mixing custom glass colors, making glass figurines, paperweights, blown vessels and stringers. The kiln features 4 1/2-in.-thick walls and comes with the S-type thermocouple, which is better suited for continuous use above 2000F. A separate bottom section with a row of 2 1/2-in.-high wall bricks is designed to lift away if damaged by molten glass spills. The Vulcan is 13 1/2 in. wide x 18 in. deep. A fiber board insert near the top reduces the firing chamber to a depth of 15 in. to confine the heat inside the kiln when the lid is opened. The Vulcan, which uses the Sentry digital temperature controller manufactured by the Orton Ceramic Foundation for Paragon, is rated to 2350F (cone 10).

For more information, call (800) 876-4328 or e-mail paragonind@att.net