Ceramic Industry

Paragon Industries Introduces New Glass Kilns

February 16, 2009

Paragon Industries recently released its Professional Series glass kilns, which are painted black to distinguish them from the company’s blue ceramic, jewelry, and pottery kilns, as well as its smaller glass kilns. The larger Professional Series have mercury displacement relays that turn on the heating elements. “The relays work hard in a glass kiln,” said John S. Hohenshelt, company president. “This is especially so during the very long annealing times needed for fusing and slumping thick, large pieces. The mercury displacement relays last much longer than the mechanical type, because the MDR relays have no moving parts.”

Paragon has also introduced power ratio technology in the new glass kiln series. The feature comes with models that heat from the top and sidewalls. Power ratio is part of the digital temperature controller and allows the kiln owner to adjust the ratio of heat output between top and side/door elements. “The heat can be adjusted between the top and sides in increments of 10%,” said Hohenshelt. “Power ratio eliminates the infinite switches of earlier models, so the kilns have less wiring and fewer mechanical parts. Also, the software makes the adjustment more precise than is possible with the infinite controls.”

For more information, call (800) 876-4328 or (972) 288-7557, e-mail info@paragonweb.com, or visit www.paragonweb.com.