Ceramic Industry

Paragon: Optional Bead Door For SC-2 Kiln

November 10, 2004
Paragon recently added an optional bead door to its SC-2 silver clay and glass jewelry kiln. The new door, which is $30 retail extra, is designed to anneal glass beads to prevent breakage during cooling. The SC-2 kiln is 7 3/4 in. deep, 8 in. wide, and 5 3/4 in. high inside. It is made of ceramic fiber insulation and comes with a Sentry Xpress digital controller. The kiln has a vent hole in the top, and its maximum temperature is 2000F. A layer of air circulates between the outer steel case and the firing chamber shell to lower the kiln's surface temperature.

For more information, call (800) 876-4328 or e-mail paragonind@att.net.