Ceramic Industry

Paragon: Xpress Series of Digital Kilns

May 29, 2003
Paragon recently introduced its Xpress series of digital kilns. The kilns come with the 3-key digital Sentry Xpress controller and include eight segments, each with a hold and a temperature rate. Five new models are available. The Xpress-1193 top-loading kiln is designed for porcelain dolls. The Xpress-E series of front-loading kilns is designed for enameling, silver clay, china painting and glass fusing. The Xpress-E-10A and Xpress-E-14A include a top vent hole for jewelry lost-wax casting. The Xpress-Q-11A is designed for high-speed glaze testing. The Sentry Xpress controller is made by Orton Ceramic Foundation exclusively for Paragon. Other controller features include skip segment, program review, delay fire and temperature display in F or C.

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