Ceramic Industry

Peter Pugger: New Batch Capacities

February 3, 2006

Peter Pugger Manufacturing Inc. recently completed extensive testing of the batch capacities of its five clay mixing pugmill models (Pugger-Mixers and Power Wedgers). The new batch capacities range from the smallest deairing Power Wedger at 45 lbs. to the largest Pugger-Mixer at 250 lbs. All aluminum castings are now two-tone polyester semi-gloss powder coated, making them attractive and easy to clean. Peter Puggers mix from dry powder, recycle scrap, and are self-unloading with no screens to plug or clean. Three models vacuum deair the clay, which can be stored indefinitely inside the machine. All models have a safety switch preventing operation when the hopper door is opened, and all models have overload protection. Now CE Certified, Peter Pugger offers superior engineering, high-quality industrial components and a complete two-year warranty.

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