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Philips Analytical: Modular Addition to XRF Software Family

July 13, 2002
Pro-Trace, a modular addition to Philips Analytical's SuperQ XRF software family, enables users to perform accurate and reliable trace element analysis on a broad range of sample types -- pushing the limits of quantification down to sub-ppm levels. The importance of reliable trace element analysis in environmental, geological and industrial applications is increasing, particularly with stricter worldwide legislation for controlling pollution. Pro-Trace offers a totally new solution for calculating net intensities in trace element analysis based on a series of advanced algorithms for accurate background determination and corrections for matrix effects, spectral overlap and low-level spectral impurities. Background correction for fixed channels in simultaneous spectrometers can also be made with Pro-Trace, resolving a difficulty that has long beset users of these instruments when attempting to perform accurate trace-element analysis.

For additional information, visit http://www.analytical.philips.com.