Ceramic Industry

Pilkington: New Self-Cleaning Glass

February 3, 2004
Pilkington Activ SP(TM) glass is a self-cleaning, low-E, solar-control, UV-control, sound-absorbing, impact-resistant glass. "Pilkington Activ SP glass resolves several issues in a number of niche, but still very popular applications," said Richard McCurdy, Pilkington North America's senior manager for Specialty Glass Products and Architectural Technical Services. "With its combination of energy efficiency, sound absorption and impact-resistance, Pilkington Activ SP glass is a logical choice for any large window or glass wall area." The new glass is made by laminating (with PVB) 1/8-in. (3-mm) thick Activ(TM) self-cleaning glass with 1/8-in. (3-mm) thick Pilkington Solar E(TM) solar control low-E glass.

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