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Pine Hall Brick Utilizes GPS-Enabled MRM Service (posted 4/17/08)

April 17, 2008
Pine Hall Brick has enhanced the management of its trucking fleet through the use of a GPS-enabled mobile resource management (MRM) service.

Pine Hall Brick has enhanced its delivery services to construction sites and the management of its trucking fleet through the use of TeleNav Track, a GPS-enabled mobile resource management (MRM) service from TeleNav, Inc. With several different manufacturing locations, delivering materials to suppliers and construction sites is a large focus for Pine Hall Brick. After analyzing operating costs and practices, the company realized it needed to find a way to take advantage of technological advancements in the industry. Specifically, it was looking for ways to improve delivery methods and lower transportation expenses.

By implementing the TeleNav Track service, the company experienced immediate results. Delivery drivers began utilizing the turn-by-turn GPS navigation capability on company-issued mobile devices to save time when driving to construction sites. Drivers also cut down on wasted gas and mileage accrued, as they did not get lost while en-route to a location. Additionally, TeleNav Track gave management real-time visibility into the trucking fleet through online monitoring. By utilizing the Web-based tracking service, Pine Hall Brick was able to identify current positions, estimate arrival times and assign delivery jobs to the nearest driver.

“TeleNav Track has made day-to-day operations a seamless process because we now have accurate information on truck locations. This has led to more effective use of resources and has improved our customer service,” said John Richardson, transportation manager at Pine Hall Brick. “We were also pleased with the acceptance and use of the GPS technology by our drivers. They voluntarily adopted the service and are now using driving time more effectively. The knowledge of driving speeds, length and location of stops and past driving routes has proved invaluable.”

More than 25 truck drivers use the system on a daily basis at Pine Hall Brick. The technology is also included on another 15 contract trucks, allowing the company to observe the entire delivery fleet from its Madison, N.C., dispatch offices.

“Businesses with a large mobile workforce, such as Pine Hall Brick, can greatly benefit from advancements in new technologies to improve operations and maintain a high level of customer service in an increasingly challenging market,” said Sal Dhanani, Sr., director of marketing and co-founder of TeleNav. “We developed TeleNav Track to give companies the tools and information they need in order to manage a mobile workforce effectively.”

For more information, visit www.pinehallbrick.com or www.telenav.com.