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Poco Graphite Granted New Patents (posted 2/14/08)

February 14, 2008
The U.S. and Australian Patent and Trademark Offices have issued patents for new processes to Poco Graphite, Inc.

The U.S. and European Patent and Trademark Offices have approved the issuance of a patent for Poco Graphite, Inc.’s manufacturing, method and design of a dual gas delivery electrode. In leading-edge applications, two gases must be mixed and reacted in a controlled atmosphere at very high temperatures. The ability to keep separation between the two gases with components fabricated from non-reactive materials is a significant obstacle. POCO has utilized its conversion bonding technologies to allow for internal plenums in a monolithic showerhead, which provides for the separation of gases until they are required to mix.

Another patent was issued by the Australian Patent and Trademark Office for the process of making carbon foam induced by process depressurization. Carbon foams are a recent developmental area that has resulted in a high level of commercial interest. Pitch-based carbon foams are considered to be a network of interconnected ligaments or struts. As such, pitch-based carbon foams represent a positive alternative as heat exchangers due to their unique conductivity, light weight, and ability to be utilized in convection or conductive heating.

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