Ceramic Industry

Porous Silicon at Forefront of Integrated Optical Technology

August 15, 2001
"Porous Silicon," a new analysis by Technical Insights, a business unit of Frost & Sullivan, states that the markets that porous silicon penetrates are growing significantly. New insight into how photons and electrons interact with silicon are stimulating new directions in opto-electronic research that could lead to a fully integrated optical technology. Porous silicon falls under the large umbrella of opto-electronics, which is playing a big role in enhancing sensing devices, as can be seen in the excellent growth of imaging sensors. "Porous silicon can be tailored by controlling several parameters, including doping density of bulk material, electrolyte concentration, current density, etching voltage, and temperature," says Jim Smith, analyst for Technical Insights. "These variations in pore fabrication result in different pore types. It is possible to vary not only the electronic, but also the mechanical properties of silicon in a scale from millimeters to nanometers."

For additional information, visit http://www.technical insights.frost.com.