Ceramic Industry

Potomac Valley Brick Announces New Hires

March 1, 2006
Potomac Valley Brick and Supply Co. (PVB) has named Don Wasmunski its first chief financial officer and Allen Carter its first customer service manager. Wasmunski and Carter were hired as PVB celebrates 30 years in business and its steady growth as the Washington area's largest masonry supplier. Additionally, PVB has named Chris Tallevast its new Baltimore area sales manager. Prior to joining PVB, Wasmunski served as vice president and chief financial officer for Bolton Partners in Baltimore. As PVB's first customer services manager, Carter brings 15 years of experience in the masonry and construction industry, and Tallevast offers more than 20 years of experience in the brick and construction industry.

For more information, call (301) 309-9600 or visit www.pvbrick.com.