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Pottery Purchasing Made Simple

October 13, 2010
Hadley Pottery has a new website that features an online ordering capability.

Hadley Pottery enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the new online ordering feature at www.hadleypottery.com. The hand-crafted stoneware pieces have been popular with collectors but were only offered at a select number of retail stores. With the addition of the e-commerce capability, customers who are not located near a Hadley retailer can browse the products at their convenience. Hadley Pottery hopes to reach a more extensive assortment of collectors through the website shopping experience. In addition to the new online ordering options, the company will provide information about many of their retail stores on the website. Customers can find out about local retailers, which in turn will help Hadley Pottery continue to build the traditional boutique shopping business.

Hadley Pottery began its tradition of simple yet elegant hand-crafted stoneware in 1940. Mary Alice Hadley's early designs still inspire the company's creations to this day. Each piece is hand-painted, glazed, and fired at extremely high temperatures so that it can last longer and be more resistant to chips and cracks. For more information, visit www.hadleypottery.com.