Ceramic Industry

PPG Develops New Gray Glass

July 20, 2000
PPG Industries has developed the automotive industry’s first commercial solar-control glass in a neutral gray color that meets U.S. federal light transmittance requirements for passenger vehicles. According to Ernest Hahn, vice president of automotive glass and OEM products, PPG has applied for a patent on the glass he said could soon become the industry standard for aesthetics and performance.

“For about a half a century, green glass has been the standard because of its solar control performance,” Hahn said. “Increased interest in glass as a design element focused on the need for it to be a neutral color while offering solar control. VistaGray glass is the first automotive glass that meets both criteria.

“A standard tempered side window made of VistaGray glass transmits only about 48% of the sun’s total energy, compared with 58% for standard green-tinted glass,” Hahn said. For comparison, total solar energy transmitted by a clear automotive side window is about 81%, and higher-performing green glass transmits about 45%, Hahn noted.

PPG has begun fabricating the VistaGray glass parts for demonstration vehicles. The company will continue to offer its trademark green Solex and Solargreen glasses, as well as its premium Solextra glass, which has a blue tint.